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Alien Kernel got expelled from Planet Kernelus for being an outcast. Born queer and awkward, Kernel is secretly intelligent and magical. It got thrown to the outerspace by its own Planet and was finally psychically drawn to the Earth by a stream of warm human energy. It landed clumsily at the back of the Value Village where donated objects are being dropped off. Kernel relates itself with these unwanted objects to its own tragic story. It needs your help to uncover and release its hidden magical power to give these objects a new life in order to go home.

But here’s the question: Where is home? If the Earth is the planet where Kernel finds its place, can it stay? Will humans like us let it do so? Art of the Danforth invites you to hear out Kernel’s story at Value Village and help it transform from the identity of Outcast Kernel to the proud and courageous Captain Kernel.

Artist Statement

In ALIEN IN RESIDENCE, Alvis Parsley discusses the needs, desire and dreams of the socially marginalized in the persona of Kernel, an expelled queer alien from Planet Kernelus. Set at the Value Village at Woodbine, the project relates the artist’s personal struggles to the everyday of a neighbourhood. During the residency, the artist performs to and with the customers at the store to explore the themes of identity, race and gender politics, immigration, status, and social expectation. The artist invites audience to share knowledge and oral history about the neighbourhood to help the alien navigate its way through this strange place. Once-unwanted objects at the store will be granted new narratives to create temporary installation.

ALIEN IN RESIDENCE asks the question of “Where is home?” in the context of Canada where a multicultural policy is official and challenges participants’ kindness by confronting them with an awkward creature from Outer Space. It aspires to create space for creative thinking, love and compassion, and reconstruct reality of the Planet Earth through active realization of hopes and imagination.

This project is part of the Art of the Danforth 2014.
Location: Value Village, near Woodbine Subway (2119 Danforth Ave, Toronto)
Date and Time:
Sat, May 3, 2pm-5pm
Sun, May 4, 2pm-5pm
Fri, May 9, 4pm-7pm
Sat, May 10, 2pm-5pm