Walking Through Walls

Walking Through Walls
Didier Morelli

Curated by Alvis Choi

This project is presented as an official independent project of Nuit Blanche Toronto.
Date: 29 September 2012
Time: 7:03pm to sunrise
Venue: Whippersnapper Gallery
Address: 594b Dundas Street West, Toronto

[vimeo 50562308 w=500 h=256]

Walking Through Walls – Didier Morelli at Whippersnapper Gallery from WhipperSnapper Gallery on Vimeo.

Walking Through Walls is an act in which the stage is the everyday, the obstacle is a wall, and the test subject is the artist. The project involves no tricks or illusions. Building upon the idea that a wall is nothing more than a structure that is defined by its uses, the artist will carry out the physically challenging action of walking through a selected wall throughout the night.

Audiences are invited to contribute ideas to the database of philosophies and methodologies. Mind maps and doodles will turn the gallery space in to a creative lab.

The project seeks to redefine notions of space, materiality, spectatorship, documentation, sensory reception and communication of space, and the limits of the impossible/possible, probable/improbable as well as the sane/insane and normal/abnormal dichotomies.