Coming Out for Dummies – Chinese Family Edition

Think Tank + Experiments of all Sorts + Queer Living Room
Self-organized mini teeny tiny residency
4 days of coming out to the Chinese-speaking community

I will for sure be in the space during these times:
Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st, March 2013

Note: I won the randomly drawn art grant of CAN$500 from the ‘Awesomest Foundation’ instigated by Artivistic while they had their solo exhibition at the Centre SKOL in Montreal. In my proposal (written in 10 minutes on the spot), I said I would do a “coming out in Chinatown” project. I spent the cash paying rent not knowing if I would ever do the project. But I think this is finally it! So yes thanks to Artivistic for being awesomely inspiring and giving me this random person $500 cash when I really needed it.