The Cartography of Heart Strings

Photo Credit: Kelly Lui

Photo Credit: Jenn Snider

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ALVIS PARSLEY: The Cartography of Heart Strings

OCT 20-25 Installation on exhibit
Performance: Fri Oct 23 (4-7pm), Sat Oct 24 (1-4pm), & Sun Oct 25 (1-4pm)
[Catch the Disability Arts Showcase on Oct 23 right after at 7pm!]
The Artists Newsstand, Chester subway station

How do you love?
What do you love?
Where do you love?

Melodrama behind the candy bars. Late night cantopop therapy/indulgence for the long distance lover. Displaced brain(s). Meditation on time, travelling, and philosophies of love.

***180 minutes 9 hours 20 songs 3 languages 8 celebrities 1 performer 5 hats 2 broken hearts 7600 miles 1 voyeur at a time***

A mapping exercise of the heart matters x distance x cantopop as a genre of love. Late night looping over twelve hours time difference. Who is pulling, when your heart is open?

Durational performance. Come touch the lonely soul anytime.